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Let me start by saying I really wanted to love the d7500, I really did. Now that's not to say that I HATE it, but upon looking at the specs I have to say it really left me wanting more. After a little while of complaining it dawned on me what the d7500 is meant to be, and it made me appreciate it a little more than I did at first. I'll explain in a moment but let's start with some specs. 

The positives:

- 4K capability

- The same great sensor as the d500

- Movable touch screen 

- 8fps

- 51 focus points

Now let's talk about some of the negatives

- One memory card slot

- $1250 USD price point

Wait...is that it, is that all I see that bothers me about the d7500? I guess it is. So why was I upset? I was upset because it feels like a half assed step up from the d7200. The d7200 has a good sensor, dual memory card slots, 6fps, full HD (no 4K), 51 focus points. Over all, it has very similar specs to the new Nikon d7500. 

But realistically what did we expect? When it comes to the 7000 series, every new model has sort of been a baby step from the last. Nikon likes come out with a killer brand new camera (something like the d500) and then take the sensor, and few other aspects, and toss it into a 7000 series camera. Which honestly makes perfect sense. It's not supposed to be a ground breaking camera, it's just meant to be a more cost effective version of the ground breaking camera. If they didn't come out with this d7500, the line up would start to be stale and outdated. 

Now I know what you're thinking. And yes I absolutely agree. The one thing that really bothers me is the fact that they did away with the dual memory card slot, I can't wrap my head around that decision but they must have their reasons, or else they wouldn't have done it...right?

All in all if you're looking for a revolutionary, ground breaking, camera the Nikon d7500 isn't it. But, If you're looking for a good mid-high end camera, that shoots 4k, and will handle well at higher ISO's, this isn't a bad option at all. Just be weary of not having the back up memory card slot. I say If you really want to upgrade and can justify the cost difference, the d500 is still certainly the way to go.